3 Reasons Not To Start A LinkedIn Group

Columbo says: Start a LinkedIn Group? I dunno, sounds like a lotta work!

Columbo says: Start a LinkedIn Group? I dunno, sounds like a lotta work!

#ColumboSays: I was one click away from starting a LinkedIn Group when instinct pulled me back and I thought … wait a minute. Considering how fickle social media is, the time involved in managing a group, and the potential payoff, is this really worth it?  I pondered …

I belong to Linked University and I’m learning and applying a lot of what they propose for success on LinkedIn. Josh and the crew are entrepreneurs and teachers, and their guidance is enormously helpful.

Beside videos, and live calls ins and workbooks, etc, they offer a service to start, manage, and prospect with your own LinkedIn Group. They do it all. It sounds appealing but I’m stuck. If they write content for you, then content becomes purely a marketing ploy that is not rooted in belief, intelligence, or value. What’s the SEO quotient of content like that? How does that increase your stature? I had the same problem with HootSuite curating and posting content for you. Isn’t this about engagement and adding value to the conversation?

I pondered 3 reasons NOT to start a LinkedIn group …

1. You don’t own it.

LinkedIn constantly changes it offerings and practices. You can invest a lot on “Products and Services” pages and have them yank it away in favor of “Showcase” pages. It’s their rules, their playground. If groups is becoming a commodity marketing play, is its value decreasing correspondingly? Yes.

2. It’s a huge amount of time

A ridiculous amount of time. Do you have that time? No. That’s why you pay Linked University and others to do it for you.

3. Really, what can you say?

Most, if not all, groups seem to degenerate into forums for people who want to contribute for a perceived benefit on LinkedIn. How many groups actually give you insight you couldn’t find elsewhere, and how much self-promotional muddle does it take to get there?

What’s the alternative?

#ColumboSays How about a Word Press blog. Nothing beats it. Google loves it. You own it. Play by your rules. Create your own network of prospects. There’s really nothing to ponder. Otherwise, find a few good groups and contribute there. Become a presence by adding value. Otherwise, contact InfluenceAdvisor and they’ll do it for you.