Advisors Mad Rush into Social Media

Bill Winterberg FPPadBill Winterberg at FPPad is a media marvel. He does a weekly video show called “Bits & Bytes” that actually makes technology for advisors sound interesting, almost fun. He has a robust YouTube channel with reviews and interviews with advisors and providers. His videos are sharp and fun, with lots of breaks, occasional music and visuals.  And he’s comfortable being an occasional goofball – a promo for a tie-a-month club leads his latest “Bits & Bytes” episode – The Top Technology Financial Trends for 2014

Of course, one of Bill’s four trends for 2014 is “Enhancing Your Online Presence.”  Advisors are being forced into social insanity media at a mad pace. Caution. As legions of advisors learn how to mine for prospects on LinkedIn, the value of that channel will surely diminish.  As we get inundated with gratuitous Tweets and re-posts of re-posts, we will turn off to social from advisors. These off the shelf, clip art advisor web sites that are popping up everywhere don’t give advisors the advantage they seek in the social realm.

Personality and value (like Bill Winterberg) = impact. Building trust is a daily exercise in business and in social media. Learning to give without desiring a result is difficult to impossible to understand but it’s what works in the social realm, in networking, in business (maybe in life).

“Give without remembering, receive without forgetting.” Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco.

“All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust.” The Know, Like and Trust Factor

Three simple steps for LinkedIn success in 2014:

1. Optimize your profile (you professional portal)

2. Build trust consistently

3. Research aggressively and gingerly reach out for referrals

Repeat 1, 2, 3.  Also, check out Bill’s YouTube channel. He has straightforward tutorials on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, including this important one: How to Hide Endorsements in the New LinkedIn Profile

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