At Your (Client) Service: 4 Essentials to Build Loyalty

John Anderson Practically Speaking Practice Management Advice for financial advisorsAt InfluenceAdvisor we like to share blog posts from around the web that can help financial advisors build their practice. We like the Practically Speaking blog because it offers exactly what it says … “common sense ideas to grow your advisory business.”

The latest post from John Anderson at Practically Speaking is  At Your (Client) Service: 4 Essentials to Build Brand Loyalty . The essence of any service business – you’re in service to the client. You’re there to help. You’re there to understand their particular situation and it’s your job to offer a solution that works for them. If you operate from that basic, core belief then you can build loyalty, over time. It takes time, many ‘touchpoints’ to build loyalty.

John Anderson Practically Speaking blog for financial advisors

Download SEI’s Four Essentials of Loyalty-Building Client Service toolkit and you’ll have the information you need to help you:

1. Avoid faulty assumptions
2. Commit to workflow processes
3. Improve the frequency and intelligence of your client touches
4. Make client review meetings impactful

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