Blumenthal on WSJ Live: What’s the Market Worth?

WSJ Live Wall Street Journal LiveWSJ LIVE: How Much Is the Market Really Worth? Major indexes are striking nearly daily record highs. But with earnings growth slowing sharply, are stocks overvalued? CMG Capital Management Group CEO and founder Steve Blumenthal joins MoneyBeat. Blumenthal favors an enhanced, tactically managed portfolio that mitigates volatility and smooths returns in all markets.

Advisor Weekly News Wrap

Latest news from InfluenceAdvisorIt was a wild week, with a critical vote on gun legislation, bombing and a manhunt in Boston, deadly explosion in Texas, gold tanking, and stocks suffering the worst week of 2013, with all three major indexes dropping more than 2%. Tax filing deadline passed on Monday but a MarketWatch story cautions you to save your tax records forever. That’s a long time, and a lot of paper to lug around.

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CMG Tactical Rotation Investment Strategy Now Available To Advisors on Multiple Platforms

cmg_logoCMG Capital Management Group, Inc.’s Tactical Rotation Strategy is now available to advisors on Separately Managed Account Platforms at Trust Company of America (TCA), TD Ameritrade (direct) and PlaceMark Investments. Other platforms are scheduled to offer CMG’s Tactical Rotation Strategy shortly.

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CMG Capital Management Group on theStreet

Steve Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management GroupSteve Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management Group, spoke to Gregg Greenberg at theStreet about why the old 60/40 asset allocation model isn’t a good bet in today’s environment.

We are in an investment environment that offers historically low traditional investment returns. Today, the projected return on the traditional 60/40 model is the lowest in 140 years at 4.26% (excluding management fees), according to Research Affiliates, LLC.

Instead, Blumenthal and CMG favor a tactically managed 33/33/34 strategy that combines many non correlating risk diversifiers to smooth the return stream for investors by managing risk while enhancing returns.

Blumenthal favors 33/33/34 as a better definition of a balanced portfolio today. Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory didn’t fail the last 12 years; the failure occurred in the construction process. The risks were too concentrated because the solutions were unavailable to most investors. Today the solutions exist for all investors, and advisors.

See the full segment with Steve Blumenthal on theStreet: Here’s Why Your Old Asset Allocation Isn’t Working.

Clients in News: SmartMoney

Aaron Schindler in SmartMoney

Aaron Schindler in SmartMoney

Congratulations to InfluenceAdvisor client New York CFP® Aaron Schindler; cited in the May issue of SmartMoney for his smart marketing. The story discusses the innovative ways that advisors attract and retain new clients. As an advisor in the New York City area, with a client base of professionals who bond over urban cultural interests, Aaron found a way to mix business with pleasure through sponsorship of concerts, lectures, art exhibits. He also takes seriously his Board membership to the W. Eugene Smith Fund for Humanistic Photography.

Aaron Schindler, a financial planner with the New York–based Wealth Advisory Group… describes his boomer-age clients as curious and urbane, and he wants to forge a bond with them by showing he speaks their language. “In an environment marked by general distrust of the financial industry, these events strike a cultural chord,” he says.” See SmartMoney story.