InfluenceAdvisor Clients Make News

InfluenceAdvisor clients appear on major business / financial TV shows, in print and online financial publications, trade publications, and wire services. We maintain excellent relationships with reporters, editors, and producers in media that targets advisors, fiancial planners, high net worth individuals, CFOs, investment managers, bankers, retail investors, traders, asset consultants, and asset asset distributors. See Media Relations for a sample of media we regularly target.

InfluenceAdvisor Develops Advisor Central

InfluenceAdvisor integrates blogs, White Papers, Landing Pages, social media, publicity and marketing for full-scale PR programs in the digital age. InfluenceAdvisor created Advisor Central web site. We produce and manage content, develop social media channels and train the client and sales team to use social media.

Advisor Central is built as a marketing platform to feed the growth and stature of CMG.

We generate coverage in major media and influential trade publications, and integrate publicity into the content marketing mix. We also support CMG Capital Management group with marketing for an active conference schedule.

We created a LinkedIn Showcase page on tactical investing and develop and manage a LinkedIn social campaign.

We arranged for Steve Blumenthal to become a Forbes contributor and assist with development and promotion of Forbes columns. We also placed editorial for CMG in Financial Advisor, Advisor Perspectives, The Wall Street Journal, and other outlets.

InfluenceAdvisor is the perfect platform for elite advisors, advisory firms, or investment managers who want to power their business to the next level. We can assist with a full-scale, integrated program or individual services.

Website And Publicity For NYC CFP®

Aaron Schindler. NYC. CFP.InfluenceAdvisor developed a WordPress website for New York CFP® Aaron Schindler. The site promotes Aaron’s capabilities, and showcases publicity generated for Aaron in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, PBS Nightly Business Report, Dow Jones, MarketWatch and Dow Jones. The site includes a blog, establishment of a stream of newsletters, with a look that appeals to Aaron’s New York professional clientele.