Tastytrade and dough Disrupting Financial Media

Kristi Ross, president of financial media network tastytrade, discusses how her company is targeting younger crowds through a free mobile app, dough, which allows users to get news and information and to make trades on the go.  See How technology is connecting younger investors to the markets in Blue Sky Innovation.

Inside ETF News

etf.comInside ETFs is the world’s largest ETF Conference. It’s going on now, until tomorrow, in Hollywood, Florida. Generally, it sounds like a love fest within an industry that is exploding. The ETF revolution is just getting started. It’s a 1.7 trillion industry now, set to grow to to 15.5 trillion.  Tax advantages of ETFs are superior to mutual funds due to structure. People tend to pile out of mutual funds in December and into ETFs that same month. It’s a tax-driven strategy to avoid year end mutual funds tax distributions.

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Active investors drive brokerage revenue growth

The increase in trading “is broad-based,” said TD Ameritrade Chief Executive Fred Tomczyk. “It’s everywhere. It’s very robust retail engagement.”

Advisor News Wrap

Latest news from InfluenceAdvisor

5 Financial Challenges for Veterans and Miltary Families (US News). With frequent moves and the potential for overseas deployment, military personnel and their families face unique challenges when it comes to managing their money and saving for the future.

Edward Jones Hires 300 Military Veterans in 2012 (Financial Advisor). Edward Jones has hired 300 military veterans as financial advisors this year and plans to hire more, in part through its program called Forces, the financial services firm announced Thursday.

Remember:  The economy and the markets are not the same (Russell Investments Helping Advisors Blog). Can you guess which country in the Russell Global Index had the best stock market performance this year as of September 2012?

Obama Victory Leads Wealthy to Make Quick Pre-2013 Moves: Taxes (Bloomberg) President Barack Obama’s re-election means his administration will push to let tax cuts enacted during the George W. Bush era expire for high earners, as scheduled, at year-end. Obama wants to increase the top federal income tax rate to 39.6 percent from 35 percent, boost rates on long-term capital gains to as much as 23.8 percent, and shrink exemptions from estate-and-gift taxes.

Here’s a tip for advisers looking to standout from the competition. And, before your client enters into a partnership, there are a few things they should consider. Plus, a look at mining stocks. Wealth Management’s Veronica Dagher reports in this video segment.