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Mike Sciortino, Head of Distribution, CMG Capital Management Group

Mike Sciortino, Head of Distribution, CMG Capital Management Group

We welcome a new contributor to the InfluenceAdvisor blog – Mike Sciortino, EVP and Head of Distribution at CMG Capital Management Group.

Mike Sciortino has more than 30 years experience in the investment management business. Mike speaks at Conferences and writes often about how advisors can differentiate themselves, grow their practice, and improve their lives through time-tested processes. See all of Mike’s stories for CMG Advisor Central. Connect with Mike on LinkedIn.

By Mike Sciortino

Harvey Mackay said, ” You learn when you listen, you earn when you listen – not just money, but respect.”

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At Your (Client) Service: 4 Essentials to Build Loyalty

John Anderson Practically Speaking Practice Management Advice for financial advisorsAt InfluenceAdvisor we like to share blog posts from around the web that can help financial advisors build their practice. We like the Practically Speaking blog because it offers exactly what it says … “common sense ideas to grow your advisory business.”

The latest post from John Anderson at Practically Speaking is  At Your (Client) Service: 4 Essentials to Build Brand Loyalty . The essence of any service business – you’re in service to the client. You’re there to help. You’re there to understand their particular situation and it’s your job to offer a solution that works for them. If you operate from that basic, core belief then you can build loyalty, over time. It takes time, many ‘touchpoints’ to build loyalty.

John Anderson Practically Speaking blog for financial advisors

Download SEI’s Four Essentials of Loyalty-Building Client Service toolkit and you’ll have the information you need to help you:

1. Avoid faulty assumptions
2. Commit to workflow processes
3. Improve the frequency and intelligence of your client touches
4. Make client review meetings impactful

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How Do You Talk to Clients About a Portfolio That Doesn’t Perform vs. a Common Benchmark

The Wall Street JournalIt’s a thorny issue all advisors face. What to say to the client when the portfolio, and investment plan you agreed on, doesn’t surpass or match a broad benchmark like the Dow or S&P 500? Steve Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management Group, writes in the Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser (subscription required) about this delicate topic, and how to use the opportunity to educate clients about long-term investment strategy. Writes Steve:

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Blumenthal in Financial Advisor IQ: 60/40 in Trouble; Time to Enhance the Modern Portfolio

Financial Advisor IQSteve Blumenthal, CEO of CMG Capital Management Group published a timely article in Financial Advisor IQ today. Steve argues for an upgrade on Modern Portfolio Theory to Enhanced Modern Portfolio Theory.

“We strongly believe that tactical strategies should be a central component in any modern portfolio,” says Steve.  Read the rest of the story: It’s Time to Enhance Modern Portfolio Theory

CMG Capital Management Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that provides other RIAs, financial planners, and institutions with managed accounts, mutual funds and variable annuities. Steve Blumenthal founded CMG Capital Management Group, Inc. in 1992 and has been responsible for the company’s growth, development and performance since its inception.

Engaging Female Clients

Practice Makeover – Delegating

InvestmentNewsI love the InvestmentNewsPractice Makeover” video series, sponsored by Oppenheimer Funds.  In episode two of “Practice Makeover,” expert adviser coaches brainstorm and form an action plan for Trent Bradshaw to help solve his firm’s numerous time management problems.

Trent Bradshaw, CFP® was born and raised in Salisbury, North Carolina. Trent was a 1995 cum laude graduate of Catawba College. He has been in the financial industry since 2000 and founded Bradshaw Financial Planning, Inc. in 2006. He “enjoys his work and knows he can make a difference. He is passionate about helping people improve their financial lives.”

Are Advisors Going Mobile?

The majority of advisers now carry a smartphone and tablet with them almost everywhere they go. But the truly innovative advisers are using their mobile devices to do more than just check email. InvestmentNews TV reports from the 2013 T3 Conference. Fidelity says it’s had 15K downloads of its mobile apps for advisors. Advisors are staying in touch with clients, checking status and markets through mobile apps. Transactions are not happening yet through mobile but we’re heading there. It’s inevitable. Any advisors having success with mobile apps?

Congratulations Wealth Advisory Group

Wealth Advisory Group LLC has a new website. InfluenceAdvisor worked with management, compliance, advisors and other team members to conceptualize the site. We worked with the developer/designer to assure that the site met the client’s needs. We wrote all copy for the site. What can we do for advisors and advisory firms? See examples.

Wealth Advisory Group LLC website image

Wealth Advisory Group LLC website image

Clients in News: SmartMoney

Aaron Schindler in SmartMoney

Aaron Schindler in SmartMoney

Congratulations to InfluenceAdvisor client New York CFP® Aaron Schindler; cited in the May issue of SmartMoney for his smart marketing. The story discusses the innovative ways that advisors attract and retain new clients. As an advisor in the New York City area, with a client base of professionals who bond over urban cultural interests, Aaron found a way to mix business with pleasure through sponsorship of concerts, lectures, art exhibits. He also takes seriously his Board membership to the W. Eugene Smith Fund for Humanistic Photography.

Aaron Schindler, a financial planner with the New York–based Wealth Advisory Group… describes his boomer-age clients as curious and urbane, and he wants to forge a bond with them by showing he speaks their language. “In an environment marked by general distrust of the financial industry, these events strike a cultural chord,” he says.” See SmartMoney story.