CMG Tactical Rotation Investment Strategy Now Available To Advisors on Multiple Platforms

cmg_logoCMG Capital Management Group, Inc.’s Tactical Rotation Strategy is now available to advisors on Separately Managed Account Platforms at Trust Company of America (TCA), TD Ameritrade (direct) and PlaceMark Investments. Other platforms are scheduled to offer CMG’s Tactical Rotation Strategy shortly.

The strategy seeks to provide absolute returns across various market environments. It allocates the portfolio to the top two asset classes from a universe of six – domestic equities, international equities, bonds, commodities, REITs and cash. The strategy makes investment allocation decisions monthly. Once the portfolio is allocated, the positions are held and monitored for the entire month.

CMG has $424 million AUM, as of 3/31/2013, in tactically managed accounts for individuals and advisors.  CMG investment strategies are also available in a Variable Annuity through Jefferson National.

“In this market it’s better to have a large core allocation to tactical trading strategies that can trade uptrends and downtrends, without focusing on Stephen Blumenthal, CEO, CMG Capital Management Group Inc.a long directional bias,” said Stephen Blumenthal (right), founder and CEO of CMG Capital Management Group, Inc.  “Our exclusive tactical investment model analyzes several factors that help us re-deploy assets for defensive positions or tactical opportunities. With interest rates at unprecedented lows, world economies in turmoil, and the U.S. in a tenuous recovery, flexibility is critical in developing investment portfolios. Our philosophy is to have targeted bets, but have a large core that has the flexibility to be defensive and to trade in different directions.”