Financial Advisors Deserve More dough

dough from the creators of tastytrade, the creators of thinkorswimWhat advisor wouldn’t like more dough? Maybe you can get it, if you follow the smart people at dough, the online trading and finance platform from the geniuses who also bring you tastytrade.

Investors are generally more active and involved with their investments now. They expect more from their advisor than a pre-packaged, pre-calibrated buy and hold strategy. dough and tastytrade can help you become an involved, self-directed, confident investor.

Why do advisors need tastytrade and dough?

This is the golden age of investing for advisors. You have acess to robust trading and investment management platforms. Your clients have free and open access to investing platforms from the major retail brokers, such as TD Ameritrade, Schwab and Fidelity.

TD Ameritrade streams tastytrade along with CNBC to its trading platform. TD Ameritrade also offers tastytradecustomers free access to thinkorswim, a professional grade trading paltform that consistently ranks among the best by Barron’s. thinkorswim is a breakthrough online brokerage that pioneered many trading innovations. thinkorswim was founded by the same people who bring you tastytrade and dough.

dough is built for the digital age. With simplicity. Big and bright visuals. Real life personalities that stream to you day and night.  It’s a mix of  live video show and a trove of educational videos and guides. And you can trade along with Tom Sosnoff, Kristi Ross and the gang.

There’s a real, deep sense of community at tastytrade that goes beyond the superficiality of social media. The voluminous love letters and continual engagement of the dough/tastytrade audience could be a great case study of digital marketing success, especially since they break all the rules of most emarketers. Related:

The video below is nearly a year old but it gives you a good idea of the energy at tastytrade and dough. Can investing and trading be this much fun?

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