Google Tweak Reminds FAs to Get Mobile-Friendly

Financial Advisor IQ“A change next month in how websites will show up in some Google searches could signal an opportunity for financial advisors to stand out from competitors in an increasingly mobile world,” writes Tom Coyle in Financial Advisor IQ. Tom quotes me in the story.

Mark Rose, the head of InfluenceWave, a marketing firm in New York that specializes in online marketing, sees the Google tweak as a timely reminder to independent financial advisors. “Only about 30% of Google searches are done on mobile devices,” he tells FA-IQ. “But that’s going up quickly” as tablets and especially smartphones get more popular with consumers and become standard business equipment.

As a result, Rose counsels FAs to be sure their websites are mobile-friendly — in the name of plain utility as much as to conform to search-engine criteria. “You need to be seen on all three: PCs, tablets and phones,” he says. “It’s simply necessary” — and a potential competitive advantage over rivals who aren’t readily viewable on an iPhone or Android device.

In this sense, he thinks the news from Google may persuade advisors with old-line websites to join the mobile age. “That can be hard to do, especially if the website is only three years old and they think it should last seven,” Rose says.

Fortunately, while website design can set an advice firm back from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, not all sites will need a complete overhaul. “Some, you can make mobile-compatible,” says Rose — in fact, Google has a how-to for such cases. “But sometimes you just have to do it all over.”

See the full story in Financial Advisor IQ.

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