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etf.comInside ETFs is the world’s largest ETF Conference. It’s going on now, until tomorrow, in Hollywood, Florida. Generally, it sounds like a love fest within an industry that is exploding. The ETF revolution is just getting started. It’s a 1.7 trillion industry now, set to grow to to 15.5 trillion.  Tax advantages of ETFs are superior to mutual funds due to structure. People tend to pile out of mutual funds in December and into ETFs that same month. It’s a tax-driven strategy to avoid year end mutual funds tax distributions.

Vanguard Advisors put a considerable amount of marketing and promotion into the event to unveil its new Advisor ETF app and ETF Knowledge Center. Video below on the app. Selection of stories from the event. Follow on Twitter #InsideETFs

    • Bond ETFs and ‘the Bums. – Barron’s, Focus on Funds
    • Vanguard’s chief investment officer thinks advisors are being blitzed with new ETFs. —
    • Performance-chasing ruled in 2013, and that’s a problem, argues the same official. — Wall Street Journal
    • Could the ETF business get to $15 trillion in ten years, from today’s $1.7 trillion? Industry bulls argue it’s a cinch, but it’s a tall order. — Investment News
    • Why the cheapest ETF isn’t always the best. — MarketWatch
    • Sallie Krawcheck is a “huge fan” of ETFs, and argues the death of the big-bank financial adviser is greatly exaggerated. — MarketWatch

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