InvestmentNews Practice Makeover Peaks

InvestmentNews 250Season 1 of the InvestmentNews Practice Makeover series has come to an end. I want to applaud the brains at InvestmentNews and the marketing people at Oppenheimer Funds for an innovative marketing approach.  I found the series engaging, informative, results-oriented, approximating a reality series that has applicable value to advisors.  As video has become ubiquitous, good video has become even InvetsmentNews video channelsmore citical. Engagement and a shared sense of struggle makes this series stand out.

Also impressive are the InvestmentNews video channels and shared content arrangement with Crain Communication, which includes Crain’s Wealth in Crain’s New York Business, which I read religiously (it has its place in the pantheon of NY media). InvestmentNews represents a new level of media coverage for advisors, and a confirmation that advisors are important audience to reach and influence.

Expanded and updated media coverage gives advisors more opportunity to reach a broad audience and to enter the mainstream dialogue concerning investing and markets, practice management, and marketing. Advisors are rapidly learning to adapt to the digital age of media through social media and news monitoring.

InvestmentNews Practice Makeover