Social Media Leads to Mass Affluent Clients

social media icons Facebook LinkedIn TwitterHow do advisors penetrate the mass affluent market (between $1 – $5 million in assets?).

The story in Financial Planning magazine An Advisor’s Guide To Hunting For The Next Generation of Nouveau Riche wisely highlights the benefits or reaching tech-savvy mass affluent clients through social media channels. If your clients are clued into their mobile for work and pleasure, and they follow news, shop, and do their work through social media channels, you should be there too. It’s the smart, effective way for advisors to build client confidence and network in the right circles.

Potential clients will automatically search your background on the web. What will they find through a Google search, on LinkedIn, your blog, or third-party news stories. More and more, advisors are successfully integrating Internet-based marketing into their daily activities.

From the broker-dealer and financial advisor perspective, getting to these coveted clients requires not only an appreciation for the social media in which they’re so deeply entrenched, but a willingness to actively participate in it.

“You have to be where they are,” Haefele said. “Be on LinkedIn and Facebook. They’re telling you a lot about themselves in these channels. These are great resources for building up a prospect pool and finding out how you’re already connected to them.”

Financial advisors who may be spooked by FINRA’s guidelines for social media participation need to get over it and just make sure they have the IT platform in place to monitor and save all their social media dispatches.

Haefele suggests reading these potential clients’ blogs — or perhaps starting one of your own and posting comments linking back to yours on their sites — and doing everything possible to elevate your profile so you show up prominently on any Google search for financial advisor and the like. See the Financial Planning story.