3 Reasons Not To Start A LinkedIn Group

Columbo says: Start a LinkedIn Group? I dunno, sounds like a lotta work!

Columbo says: Start a LinkedIn Group? I dunno, sounds like a lotta work!

#ColumboSays: I was one click away from starting a LinkedIn Group when instinct pulled me back and I thought … wait a minute. Considering how fickle social media is, the time involved in managing a group, and the potential payoff, is this really worth it?  I pondered …

I belong to Linked University and I’m learning and applying a lot of what they propose for success on LinkedIn. Josh and the crew are entrepreneurs and teachers, and their guidance is enormously helpful.

Beside videos, and live calls ins and workbooks, etc, they offer a service to start, manage, and prospect with your own LinkedIn Group. They do it all. It sounds appealing but I’m stuck. If they write content for you, then content becomes purely a marketing ploy that is not rooted in belief, intelligence, or value. What’s the SEO quotient of content like that? How does that increase your stature? I had the same problem with HootSuite curating and posting content for you. Isn’t this about engagement and adding value to the conversation?

I pondered 3 reasons NOT to start a LinkedIn group …

1. You don’t own it.

LinkedIn constantly changes it offerings and practices. You can invest a lot on “Products and Services” pages and have them yank it away in favor of “Showcase” pages. It’s their rules, their playground. If groups is becoming a commodity marketing play, is its value decreasing correspondingly? Yes.

2. It’s a huge amount of time

A ridiculous amount of time. Do you have that time? No. That’s why you pay Linked University and others to do it for you.

3. Really, what can you say?

Most, if not all, groups seem to degenerate into forums for people who want to contribute for a perceived benefit on LinkedIn. How many groups actually give you insight you couldn’t find elsewhere, and how much self-promotional muddle does it take to get there?

What’s the alternative?

#ColumboSays How about a Word Press blog. Nothing beats it. Google loves it. You own it. Play by your rules. Create your own network of prospects. There’s really nothing to ponder. Otherwise, find a few good groups and contribute there. Become a presence by adding value. Otherwise, contact InfluenceAdvisor and they’ll do it for you.

CMG Launches Tactical Investing LinkedIn Showcase Page

CMG Capital Management Group LinkedIn SHowcase Page on Tactical Investing

By Mark Rose, Partner, InfluenceAdvisor

CMG Capital Management Group is a leader in tactical investment strategies. This is an investment approach that is not widely discussed in the financial media. How can you educate advisors and the media about tactical investing (different than tactical asset allocation)?

An effective method is through a LinkedIn Showcase Page, a free service that highlights a particular product or service and attaches to your LinkedIn company page. Why not take advantage of all that LinkedIn has to offer? Here are 3 big benefits of a LinkedIn Showcase Page:

1.  SEO: LinkedIn is an important search engine, comprised of 300+ million highly qualified professionals. Owning keywords for your product or service has tremendous SEO benefits on LinkedIn and in Google searches.

Search "tactical investing" on LinkedIn and get the CMG Capital Management Group Tactical Investing Showcase Page

2.  Ownership:  Once you reserve the url for your product or service, you own it. Nobody can infringe on your valuable web address. (https://www.linkedin.com/company/tactical-investing | https://www.linkedin.com/company/financial-publicity)

3.  Content Distribution: A Showcase Page can be linked to and promoted organically or through LinkedIn sponsored updates or ads. A showcase page can amplify the value of blog posts, White Papers, images, or social shares.

The new PR landscape is about content creation + distribution = PR for lasting impact. Take advantage of LinkedIn Showcase pages to increase your distribution to a targeted audience.

Tactical Investment Strategies are trading strategies that make shorter-term decisions based on factors like price momentum or fundamental valuations. They provide an important source of risk diversification.


Will SEC Crack Down on Tweeting Advisors

Is the SEC cracking down on Tweeting advisers InfluenceAdvisorAdvisors – think before you Tweet! The SEC and the general public is watching. That’s the overall advice in this Should Advisers Be Afraid to Tweet segment from Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser.

“It seems like the SEC is cracking down on some Tweeting advisors,” Veronica Dagher asks Matthias Rieker, columnist, WSJ Wealth Adviser.

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Advisors Mad Rush into Social Media

Bill Winterberg FPPadBill Winterberg at FPPad is a media marvel. He does a weekly video show called “Bits & Bytes” that actually makes technology for advisors sound interesting, almost fun. He has a robust YouTube channel with reviews and interviews with advisors and providers. His videos are sharp and fun, with lots of breaks, occasional music and visuals.  And he’s comfortable being an occasional goofball – a promo for a tie-a-month club leads his latest “Bits & Bytes” episode – The Top Technology Financial Trends for 2014

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Advisors Need Social Media

financial advisors and social mediaIn its poll of 400 U.S. advisers, Accenture found that about 48% of financial advisers communicate daily with clients via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Roughly 59% of advisers said they use it to get answers to clients quickly, 58% use it to reach out more to referral sources and 58% use it to keep up-to-date on industry news.

Advisory firms’ social-media strategies need to focus on making digital interactions with clients more meaningful, said Alex Pigliucci, global managing director of Accenture Wealth and Asset Management Services, which provides consulting services to financial firms. For example, advisers need to pay better attention to what clients are posting, tweeting or otherwise putting out into the public domain, he said.

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