Want to be a Video Star?

YouTubeProving that anything can be interesting if it’s well presented Bill Winterberg at FPPad comes out with his latest video report on technology for advisors (video below). Talk about a niche subject. Bill delivers this line with a straight face: “Next up. A fascinating case study from a large RIA about its search for a robust electronic document management solution.”

But … as it happens, I was wondering about why my Microsoft SkyDrive has become the Microsoft OneDrive and what it all means.  Bill clears it up, sort of, although I never trust where Microsoft may actually be leading me.

Want to get serious about using video to inform, market and engage? For do-it-yourselfers, check out James Wedmore. Want to get more serious? For less than $100 you can get the inside scoop on being a YouTube video star, aligned with your business plan. Check out Wedmore’s Video Traffic Academy. Advisors who are willing to show a little personality can go a long way through video.Try uStream for the latest rage – live streaming video. Google Hangouts is also catching on.

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