Why Advisors Need LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the richest social media networkLinkedIn has always been my favorite social network. It requires minimum maintenance and it offers highly relevant professional connections. There are 100 million members but it hasn’t been over-commercialized … yet. It is the ‘richest’ social media channel (see graph left).

And in the last year or so it has been steadily adding very impressive promotional, marketing, and networking applications.

What can an advisor do to take full advantage of LinkedIn? Complete your profile, link to everybody you know and respect professionally, issue consistent updates, link your blog and Twitter to your LinkedIn profile, post a LinkedIn badge on your web site or blog.

In the last year or so, probably in prep for its IPO, LinkedIn has been behaving more like a social network rather than a glorified resume.  If you are a company (including sole proprietorship), you can promote your company background and individual services. See screen capture below.

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