Will SEC Crack Down on Tweeting Advisors

Is the SEC cracking down on Tweeting advisers InfluenceAdvisorAdvisors – think before you Tweet! The SEC and the general public is watching. That’s the overall advice in this Should Advisers Be Afraid to Tweet segment from Wall Street Journal Wealth Adviser.

“It seems like the SEC is cracking down on some Tweeting advisors,” Veronica Dagher asks Matthias Rieker, columnist, WSJ Wealth Adviser.

It turns out that there is no big Tweet Sweep by the SEC. It’s not that sensationalistic and it should be apparent by now.  Stick to Tweeting about market activity, industry news, sports, industry events you’ve been to or you’re going to. Stay away from politics or giving any kind of advice. Use common sense and the same discretion you would in any other ‘marketing’ situation. Make sure you understand, and account for compliance issues. See The financial adviser’s quick guide to social media archiving (InvestmentNews).  Also, see New SEC Ruling Officially Opens the Door to Social Media for Financial Advisors (RegEd).

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